Do you teach yoga?  Do you run a Spa that offers Yoga as an offering?

If you can answer yes to either of these questions there is an offering that will not only be excellent for your customers and be a different offering from you but will also allow you to earn more from what you do.

Oxygen is vital for life on earth. We breathe it every day and we share it with billions of other people, animals and plant life. Oxygen is powerful, we use to help others live or bring them back to life, oxygen saves lives on high altitude flights, oxygen helps people climb mountains and oxygen helps a fire burn. Oxygen is life.

It makes sense then that if we has humans can get more oxygen inside us then surely we will have more life. More oxygen in our bloodstream helps us live and gives us energy. The rush of oxygen through the mouth and nose brings a heady, joyful feeling better than any drug or other item can produce. 

We should all have a craving for oxygen and understand how to maximise its benefits and how to get more into our bodies and souls where we need it most.

Oxygen Yoga Teaching

If you could sell oxygen you would and in some countries you can but in many you cannot. But oxygen is free and there are ways to get more oxygen in and I can teach you how to achieve this. 

Yoga for many centuries has been a way to relax, focus and create an energy inside and all over the world someone is practicing or teaching yoga right now, this very second.  If they understood Oxygen Yoga they would be doing this right now. They would want the buzz that oxygen inside the human body generate and they would want the benefits that increased oxygen bring.

For $99 I can teach you the simple steps to teaching Oxygen Yoga. The teaching provides valuable techniques that will enable you to offer Oxygen Yoga in your teaching. In my supporting book you will gain further insight into the benefits of Oxygen and you will find further techniques that enable you to teach others how to increase their oxygen intake.

For $99 you will be a certified Oxygen Yoga Trainer. You will receive a certificate confirming this and  you can place in your studio or spa.  The certificate makes people ask “what is Oxygen Yoga” and when you tell them they want it.

I will teach you the techniques and all the life benefits of Oxygen Yoga such as how Oxygen can help with age, give energy, fight infection. I will equip you with the answers to the questions I know you will be asked. 

The $99 includes an exam that must be passed to become a qualified Oxygen Yoga Teacher.