Drawing on the traditions and teachings of Christianity, Buddhism, and other various religions, the author approach yoga and oxygen from a spiritual standpoint throughout the book, emphasizing the mind-body connection.   

This book is not a manual on yoga postures or a simple how-to. While it does contain a section describing a series of different postures that the oxygen yoga practitioner can utilize, it is also a broad guide  on meditation andmethodology.

    Learn how to practice Oxygen Yoga -- traditional Hatha Yoga enhanced by pure oxygen by means of a headset or mask, beneficial to everybody and especially to those intensely detoxifying their bodies, such as former smokers. Learn different methods of meditation such as imagery, silent meditation, and others, and read a short history of yoga and about some of the early teachers.

  Use the book as a guide for your detoxifying practice at home, or to practice in a studio. Beginners and experienced practitioners of yoga alike can find a place to begin their journey into oxygen yoga with this book, whichends with a very practical discussion of resources and equipment. Benefit from the life-giving effects of Oxygen Yoga!"

San Francisco Book ReviewOxygen Yoga: Pure & Simple, 2nd Ed. Go to Amazon.com and put in this ISBN

13: 978-149-529-1409. This edition is now available onKindle for $7.99.
ASIN: 149-529-1405
January 14, 2014

Oxygen Yoga: Pure & Simple. Make sure you get the 2nd edition on Kindle. Sooooo great!

I smoked for so many years and this book helped me quit. Now I am an advocate for clean air. I did a 180 degree turn around and it worked for me. It gave me the mental strength to do it. If someone didn't give me this book for Christmas, I would still be smoking. Jonny D.
There are three books available. 
Oxygen Yoga: Handbook
Oxygen Yoga: Pure & Simple, 2nd ed.
Oxygen Yoga: A Spa Universe 

How to Stop Smoking Fast: A Behavior Analytic Approach

http://www.amazon.com/Oxygen-Yoga-Spa-UniverseI love Oxygen Yoga. It is something I will never stop doing. It has just helped me soooo much.  Alicia K
I seen some celebrities doing this on television and I had had to get the book. Love it!!! Kitty Anne P.   
Come alive and into the new millennium with Oxygen Yoga.  A millennium is a period of 1000 years.
Open you mind and experience Megamind with Test factor.


If you are interested in learning how to

Welcome to Oxygen Yoga: Pure & Simple

Oxygen Yoga: A Spa Universe

E - book now available on Amazon.com



Oxygen Yoga: Pure & Simple

By Lisa Cito (20-Feb-2008) Paperback – 1600

OXYGEN YOGA: PURE & SIMPLE By Ellis, Barbara 2014

[ Paperback ]

Oxygen Yoga: Pure & Simple 

Paperback – February 26, 2008

By Lisa Cito, Barbara Ellis




Oxygen Yoga: Pure & Simple by Lisa Cito (2008-02-20)

Paperback – 1798

Oxygen Yoga: A Spa Universe

Kindle Edition by Cito , Ellis

If you want to learn about Oxygen Yoga, you can read anyone of these books. The Handbook is an introductory book that explains what Oxygen Yoga is and what it means for this century.
Oxygen Yoga: Pure & Simple describes specific poses that will maximize your oxygen intake.  It has helped people lose weight, stop smoking and  decrease stress . The techniques revealed are monumental to those who choose to engage in the poses.
Oxygen Yoga: A Spa Universe is a book used by professional in spa settings. Estheticians, hair stylist, and even nail technicians. The techniques will help clients relax and enjoy what is brought to them.
All of the books are great and give you the knowledge that will help you engage into the realm of oxygen yoga and receive gains. There is nothing else like Oxygen Yoga and it is definitely worth a try.
The techniques presented in these books have been research and are based on sound, scientific evidence that oxygen intake improves breathing, promotes relaxation, improves focus and concentration and many other health related issues.
Oxygen Yoga is not just for exercise and keeping the body in excellent shape; that is just one of the many benefits you will experience from engaging in this exciting eight day program. 
Oxygen Yoga is not difficult, it is really learning these very specific techniques.
Oxygen Yoga is used in health spas all over the world. Any spa that does not have an Oxygen Yoga program is at a disadvantage and I encourage you to consider buying the books and learn about it on your own. It is fun, interesting and will help you look at the world in a whole new way.





From the original creators of the most informative and researched techniques on the scientifically based "Oxygen Yoga"

     "Full of creative writing and the authors' philosophical musings on matters Zen and meditative, this book  gives a detailed history and description of the practice of Oxygen Yoga.   
     The authors -- Ph.d in Psychology and Chemist &  and a yoga instructor -- begin by emphasizing the importance of oxygen in the body and how improve and increase that flow will dramatically change the practitioner's health. Learning to reverse aging -- a popular side-effect of yoga -- and other specific benefits are addressed.

 The authors go on to investigate the relationship between the mental and physical state, and address how incredibly the flow of oxygen and the practice of meditation can impact both our mental and physical being. 


for beginNers